It’s Not Funny

Gary's story


Hairdresser | MC | Comedian 

Gary is ready to step up to the microphone like he always has but this time he’s giving it just that little bit more.

Gary has a lot to do, he always has. He’s not in a hurry, he just gets on with making things happen in his own calm and thoughtful way. Life still has surprises though and getting Parkinson’s Disease was one hell of a surprise! But being a stand-up comedian as well as a top hairdresser, this actually gave Gary something else with which to work.

Initially worried that his diagnosis may affect his public face and chip away at his leadership skills, Gary took control of the disease and now uses it in both stand-up and on the corporate stage. Getting 60 hair dresser executives to lie on the ground, kicking their legs in the air and moaning – as a serious way to balance their brains – who’s laughing now?