It’s Not Funny



Neurologist | Researcher

You could say that I’m passionate about Parkinson’s Disease, some say a little obsessed

Parkinson’s Disease dangled its bright red self right in front of me when I was a young idealistic medical practitioner with its audacious disregard for all my best efforts treating Parkinson’s sufferers. I had to get closer to it so I conducted my medical consultation in the homes of my patients. Spending hours delving deep into material on the disease along with it’s illusive and varied effect on people brought me to the conclusion that I had to contend myself with taking it on as a tenacious, wizen, old sparing partner.

I realised that I should help Parkinson’s sufferers sustain a quality of life. I discovered that for these people, it’s now or never. I fight the disease on as many fronts as I can. I lobby, research, listen and learn. I push my tools as a medical practitioner to the limit and I won’t give in.