It’s Not Funny



A Parkinson's event with a twist

Diagnosed as a young mother with 6 kids, Robyn didn’t fit the perceived archetype of an old person in retirement.

She has lived with Parkinson’s disease for just on 30 years but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying life with the condition – her glass is always half full.

Join Robyn and a panel of experts in one of her favourite past times, enjoying a gin & tonic and a chat about living a positive life.

Garvan Event 2016 - Bernie Dashboard Wobbly Doll

Bernie Doesn't Just Shake !

Art exhibition & installation

Before Parkinson’s disease, Bernie was a successful real estate agent.  Fast forward 15 years, he would undergo Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) with unexpected results.

Entering the operating theatre as a real estate agent, Bernie emerged a talented artist.  Shortly after the procedure he began experimenting with art materials and discovered a passion for painting.  Bernie is now a professional artist, working instinctively in his own abstract expressionist style.