It’s Not Funny

Our Approach

Inspiring others see a bright future in spite of the disease.  We think of it as living positively with Parkinson’s.

Putting your diagnosis into perspective

We have taken the obvious head on.  Of course being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease is not funny so what do we do about it?

Following our own personal experiences with PD, we have been fortunate to meet many others who have used their diagnosis to reinvent themselves or found the drive to do the things they’ve always wanted to do – start a company, become a painter, a writer or even a comedian.

These are people who are living positively with Parkinson’s.

What's behind our approach

Far from your standard not-for-profit or traditional fund-raising entity who focus on the dark or depressive to provoke charity, we wanted to take a different approach.  

Inspired by some of the brilliant research into health, happiness,  and social connection, we positively influence the well-being of those living with Parkinson’s while creating greater awareness within the wider community about the condition.

How do we deliver positivity

Our unconventional approach to advocacy and awareness sees us engage Parkinson’s as our client with its own brand.  We package this up as a product that can be marketed, merchandised and promoted.  Think Monty Python meets Michael J Fox.

We lift the spirits of those living with PD through weird and wonderful activities that increase the profile of Parkinson’s.  We do this by sharing stories through photography, film, words, objects and a little ‘off-kilter’ humour.  

Our events also provide the opportunity for people with Parkinson’s and the general public, to come together share their stories and feel more at ease with the disease.